Lok Gathbandhan Party flays Congress, BJP for dirty tricks in Karnataka poll

Urban Mirror Correspondent

New Delhi, May 10: The Lok Gathbandhan Party today criticised both Congress and BJP in Karnataka for resorting to dirty tricks to win the assembly elections. The party said that recovery of around 10,000 voter ID cards from a house in a constituency in Bangalore has indicated how efforts are being made keep away electorate from exercising their right to franchise in assembly election on May 12.
The spokesman of the party said here on Thursday that in past these political parties applied all murky method to lure the electorate to vote for their candidates but now a new approach has been devised to keep them away from polling stations by offering them money and other things. The spokesman said in Karnataka poll where both main contestants have pushed all major issues under the carpet and have resorted to caste and communal approach along with other cheap gimmicks have now adopted this method which could be major set back for the Election Commission’s effort to increase voting percentage. After the recovery of stash of voter ID cards there is blame game between BJP and Congress to mislead the people.
The spokesman said Karnataka poll, which had potential to be fought on real, substantive policy issues, has turned into a drama to misguide the people by directionless issues. The spokesman said the tone and tenor of both parties have degenerated to such an extent that “Pakistan, Jinnah” and north Indian identity of leaders have become debating points. While good governance, development, rule of law has taken back seat from all the debate, the parties are simply engrossed in caste and communal calculations to hoodwink each other. The spokesman said massive use of black money, as reported in media, has altogether muddied the murky water in Karnataka politics. But the purchase of voter ID cards to desist the electorate from voting is indeed a serious development and the election commission should ensure strong criminal punishment against all those involved in the racket. The spokesman said instead of touching the daily lives of citizens both parties have resorted to one-upmanship on all non-issues. Karnataka certainly did not deserve this treatment by the two national parties, the spokesman said.

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